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Our Expertise

No jargon, no waffle. Just clear, honest advice

We believe that if you can’t explain something simply, then you don’t know it well enough.

The ever-changing landscape of corporate finance can be unfamiliar and complex. Making sense of it and explaining what matters to you and your business is what we do best.

Our bespoke services are informed by your strategy and tailored to the circumstances. We advise across the full range of corporate finance transactions and funding solutions, backed by decades of experience working for public and private companies, management teams, government boards and financial institutions.

Company sale planning and execution

Selling a business is a complex venture. If it’s your business, or one you’ve been instrumental in developing, it can also be emotionally challenging. You need a partner you can trust.

Our team has an extensive track record of successfully planning and executing the sale of privately-owned businesses and subsidiaries of corporate groups.

We have dealt with businesses across a range of sectors and sizes, both in the UK and internationally, consistently realising value through tailored sales processes.

We apply our expertise and experience right from the outset, identifying and communicating opportunities to enhance value in anticipation of a sales process.

Our transactional experience allows us to focus on key drivers of value, as well as potential risks and obstacles to maximising it, allowing us to design the sales process most likely to deliver a successful outcome.

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and trusted partner, we can help you navigate the path ahead.

Corporate mergers and acquisitions

We work with clients to support their acquisition strategies, whether that’s helping them to consolidate their existing markets, develop new geographical regions or add operational capabilities. We work across a broad range of sectors with UK corporates and large international groups targeting entry to the UK.

Because we understand our clients’ business and strategic objectives we can use our dedicated research capabilities and extensive professional networks to identify and generate attractive and relevant acquisition opportunities.

We provide technical expertise and valuable experience covering valuation, transaction structuring and bidding tactics along with the project management skills to ensure process and personalities are managed to deliver a successful outcome.

Is growth by acquisition the best route for your business? If you’d like to understand more, we’re happy to have an initial chat.

Management buy-outs and buy-ins

We are recognised as a leading advisor to entrepreneurs, guiding many management teams through management buy-out (MBO) and buy-in (MBI) processes.

Our experience, commitment and professional relationships have been critical factors in delivering what are often complex and time-intensive transactions.

Our relationships with the leading providers of venture capital, private equity and debt finance help management find the right funding partner and structure a deal that works for them and the business.

During a period of inevitable distraction for management teams, it’s more important than ever that the business continues to deliver to plan. Our hands-on approach to the project management of the transaction means we do the heavy lifting, so your team can focus on the business during this critical time.

If you are considering a buy-out or buy-in, speak to our team for more information or to see how we could help.

Strategic advice

Laying the foundations for your business’ future success takes planning: a crystal ball won’t cut it.

We can help you to develop strategies and long term plans to work towards a successful transaction or incorporate acquisitions into your strategy.

We invest heavily in our client relationships to build mutual trust, have open, honest conversations and develop a comprehensive understanding of your wants and needs. By understanding your objectives, ambitions and aspirations, and those of your respective management teams and shareholders, we can help you develop strategies aimed at creating value.

We are always happy to discuss how we might be able to help you realise your business ambitions, whether that’s in the short, medium or longer term.

Equity release and development capital

For many successful businesses there comes a point where external funding is required in order to deliver the commercial and personal objectives of the company and its owners.

The options for funding are diverse and constantly changing and through our
relationships with funding providers we can identify and propose creative and bespoke funding solutions designed to fit your business and personal ambitions.

From venture capital and private equity through to private investors, we work with clients to ensure the solution meets both the short and longer term requirements of your business.

The introduction of external investors not only delivers the funds required by existing shareholders, it can also introduce fresh ideas and strategic challenge as well as increased financial and commercial rigour.

We look further than the immediate cash benefit to ensure that our clients partner with external funders with complementary experience, vision and objectives who can add incremental value to your business.

Debt advisory

We work closely with management, shareholders, lenders and other stakeholders to address operational and financial challenges that might be restricting the potential of a business.

We have the experience to develop refinancing and debt-raising solutions which bring immediate positive benefits whilst establishing a platform for medium and longer-term stability and growth.

Financial due diligence

We have an excellent track record of providing financial due diligence services to corporate and institutional clients .

We deliver committed opinions which address the commercial aspects of potential transactions.

These clear and straightforward views are highly valued by our clients as critical tools in their decision-making processes. By identifying and assessing the key issues facing the business we get beneath the drivers of financial performance.

Our commercial reports deliver clear, honest and coherent opinions, cutting through caveats and lengthy commentary, to provide relevant, timely and cost-effective support for investment decisions.

Private investment

Our network of private investors come from a variety of backgrounds, including many former clients looking to reinvest funds generated through the sale of their businesses. Often this will be in sectors and businesses they know, enabling them to bring commercial experience to benefit investee companies.

If you are looking for investment opportunities where your funds and experience can make a real difference, please get in touch.

What our clients say about us

Working with Sentio we get things done – quickly, on time and on brief. A lot of this is down to the simple fact that they are highly organised, efficient and driven. You feel they have your back every step of the way, explaining things simply and clearly, quickly generating a mutual trust.

Jamie Bentley, CEO
Stephenson Group