Brooke Fenton

Brooke is the newest member to join Sentio Partners in 2019 as a graduate starter. She has a degree from the University of Leeds in Maths and Biochemistry. Whilst studying for her degree, she began her career in the banking sector. Brooke is now studying towards a professional accountancy qualification to further her accounting knowledge and progress her career in corporate finance. Brooke was promoted to Executive in 2021.

Brooke loves being part of an ambitious thriving team at Sentio – “The most enjoyable parts of my job are the great people I work with and the continuous challenges we overcome – which makes every day exciting.”

More about Brooke

Outside of work, Brooke is a keen traveller; she loves to experience new cultures and is slowly ticking off her ever-growing bucket list. Brooke has an array of hobbies including attending fitness classes, climbing at her local climbing centre and swimming lengths. Down-time is also of great value to Brooke as she enjoys spending time relaxing with her family and friends (usually over a cocktail or two).

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