Company Sale Planning and Execution

Our team has an extensive track record of successfully planning and executing the sale of privately owned businesses and subsidiaries of larger groups. We have dealt with businesses across a range of sectors and sizes, UK and cross border, consistently delivering value to shareholders through a tailored sale process.

Our clients have trusted us to help them crystallise the value that they have built in their business maximising the return to shareholders through detailed planning and hands on execution.

We bring our commercial experience to bear in the planning stage identifying and communicating opportunities to enhance value in anticipation of a sale process. Our transactional experience allows us to focus on the key drivers of value as well as the potential risks and obstacles to securing maximum value allowing us to design the sale process most likely to deliver a successful outcome.

Careful, detailed planning is key to delivering a successful sale and we typically get involved with our clients in their early strategic conversations supporting them to position their business well in advance of a formal sale process so whatever the stage in the lifecycle of your business we would be happy to talk.