Outsourced FD services and Transaction Support

Finding someone who can provide you with insightful and, above all, practical hands-on finance support can be difficult. At Sentio Insight we can do just that. As well as having worked for ‘Big 4’ accountancy firms, we have also worked as FDs in industry and this means that we can roll our sleeves up and work in the business to provide support throughout a transaction process.

Your finance function is at the core of your organisation. It ensures that you have the funds available to grow, manages your profitability and gives you the information and the metrics you need to make the right strategic decisions. We know from experience that a transaction process can put huge strain on already busy people. We can help take the pressure off by working alongside them and applying our extensive transaction experience to help prepare for and/or manage an acquisition, refinancing or exit process.

Examples of this include vendor assist roles, where we have helped companies to prepare for due diligence, and deal support roles for companies going through investment processes. We are happy to work alongside FDs or, in companies with smaller finance teams, to take on aspects of the FD role ourselves. Our experience in industry also means we understand the practical challenges involved in post acquisition integration and business planning and this is something we are happy to help with.