Associate Director

Ben Holton

Ben Holton

Ben Holton is an Associate Director in the team, having joined in May 2022 from PwC. He started out at Deloitte in London in 2011, before moving to Leeds five years ago. Since then, he has held roles both in industry, in a strategic finance role, and at PwC, where he was a Senior Manager in Deals. Ben enjoys working closely with management teams both during a transaction and after to realise maximum value for their business.


Employment history

  • Sentio Partners (2022)
  • PwC
  • Asda (Strategic Finance)
  • Deloitte

Why Sentio?

“Senior members are involved in the detail throughout, and as a team we are pragmatic, experienced, and drive relentlessly to maximise transaction value”  

Ask me about…

anything to do about climbing – I spend a lot of time either in my garage climbing on the board I built during the first lockdown or travelling around the world finding different locations to fall off of rocks!

Leave me on a desert island with…

Book: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams
Dinner Guest: Stephen Fry